I was trying to thread rope through this cool tiny ceramic mask I bought a while ago and I pushed too hard so the mask broke in half and cut my finger and there was blood everywhere.

New Wave Sun, by Ando Laj →

Hi I have released a new album called “New Wave Sun” and it was recorded between April 2013 and April 2014 and it is free

The antenna outside my window

I think this was taken last March or April

I visited my parents’ weird new house and showered with the lights off because there’s literally a window in the shower at torso level. Like it’s this typical cookie cutter neighbourhood full of middle aged people and weird suburbab children and then suddenly there’s this really crusty voyeuristic window for everyone to watch me shower

animated version of a visual I made last month or whenever

Uhh sorry subconscious art tonight very sorry

24.7.14 at 1:09

- 1 -

scene from a video for a track I posted last March that nobody watched heh

source footage was from a documentary about Jackson Pollock produced in the 1950s